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Mining for Greener Technologies

Construction Phase

Currently, the construction phase is expected to start after the exploitation license is granted, whereas the operation phase is expected to start around 18 months after granting. The Project is estimated to have a production life of several generations.

The mining project consists of:TANBREEZ proposed Infrastructure and Port - May 2015.jpg

  • an open mine pit
  • a processing plant
  • a port (including a helipad)
  • a mine camp
  • a tailings deposit
  • internally connecting roads.

The processing of the ore is a simple process where no chemicals are used, and consists of a crushing plant followed by a magnetic separator (a process that utilises the minerals different attractions to magnetic fields).

The outcome of the separation is made up of three fractions: a black highly magnetic fraction (arfvedsonite), a red concentrate (eudialite), and a white non-magnetic concentrate (feldspar). The concentrates will be stored before shipping.

The initial plan is to mine approximately 500,000 tonnes of ore per annum (TPA) producing feldspar concentrate and eudialite concentrate. The deposit is estimated to have a size of more than 4.3 billion tonnes, and therefore could be in operation for many years.

MT Højgaard (MTH, Danish engineers and contractors with arctic experience) have recently completed and submitted a Definitive Feasibility Study. The study is based on the annual treatment of 500,000 tonnes of ore to produce 100,000 tonnes of eudialyte concentrate and 200,000 tonnes of feldspar. MT Højgaard`s plant design allows for future treatment rates of up to 1.5 million tonnes per annum. It is anticipated the production will rise to 3.0 million tonnes per annum in the near future.

The study has examined and estimated all capital and operating costs associated with the Greenlandic operation. There have also been extensive environmental reviews and social impact assessments.