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Mining for Greener Technologies

Key Project Features

The TANBREEZ Project is unique in the world and will be a significant resource for many generations. These include:

  • Multi-element world class deposit;
  • Rare earth elements which are rich in the heavy rare earths. Probably the largest rare earth deposit in the world especially of the heavy rare earths such as dysprosium;
  • There are only background values of thorium and uranium in the eudialyte (similar to back ground values in ordinary country rock), meaning the final REE contains no radioactive elements;
  • Comparable ores of zirconium (zircon), tantalum (tantalite) and sometimes niobium (columbite) require highly corrosive hydro-fluoric acid to process into end products. This is not required for Eudialyte where normal commercial acids can be used;
  • The deposit adjoins a natural, largely ice free harbour, which can take large ships. (NB Some freezing can occur in some winter years but this will not effect overall operations of the mine);
  • The project is close to some of Southern Greenland's major towns and only some 38 km from a major international airport;
  • The project imposes a minimal impact on the local environment, no introduced chemicals, dry processing techniques and basic technology.
  • Expenditure to date AU$50 Million.