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Resource Calculation

The current inferred resource is more than 4.7 billion tonnes of eudialyte bearing ore, which contains variable contents of extractable rare earth elements. This is probably the largest REE deposit in the world. The mining resource for the first 10 years is compliant with the "indicated" JORC standard.

Average grade is approximately:

Zirconium Oxide: 1.8%
Niobium Oxide: 0.2%
Light Rare Earths: 0.5%
Heavy Rare Earths: 0.15%
Tantalum Oxide: 0.02%

Using magnetic separation, this grade is upgraded onsite between 3-5 times!

This rare earth deposit is unique in that it does not contain any radioactive contaminants. Uranium and thorium only exist at normal background levels contained within the surrounding country rock.