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TANBREEZ is an abbreviation of the metals which are planned to be extracted from eudialyte (red);

 Tanbreez Name Breakdown.png

TANBREEZ - What does it stand for?

Tantalum is very stable and used in alloys because of its resistance to corrosion as well as in capacitors such as in electronic equipment. It is also used in mobile phones and for other electronic components in industries such as the space and car industries.

Niobium is very similar to Tantalum and is also used in alloys and to strengthen steel, but Niobium is also used in alloys with superconductive characteristics.

REE (rare earths elements) can be used for a number of increasing purposes, e.g. for many new green technologies and consumer products such as wind turbines, rechargeable batteries, hybrid car (especially Dysprosium), laptops, mobile phones and ipods. Some REE are also used as catalysts in car exhausts systems and in reduction of emissions from diesel cars.

Zirconium is a light metal, resistant to corrosion and is also used in alloys. It is also used in ceramics and advanced ceramics for special use as in the space industry.