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Mining for Greener Technologies

Social & Environmental Conditions

Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact The environmental impact study was completed and submitted in March 2012. The results of this EIA have been submitted to public meetings in several Greenlandic towns. Submission have been received and satisfactorily explained in the 'White Book".

The results of the survey are that the mechanical separation as detailed in the company's application see no significant contamination by toxic material or other pollutants is expected to take place.

Dust dispersal is small with no local and/ or key animals or plants will decline or even be displaced because of this mine project.

Major contaminants such as uranium, thorium, fluorine etc which can be pollutants that affect most rare earth mines are largely absent in this orebody and further more and are not concentrated in any of the downstream processing splits.

Social Impact

The social impact study was submitted in March 2012 and presented to public meetings in November 2014. This is currently summarised in the White Book, which is with the Department of Labour in Greenland.