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Tanbreez People

The TANBREEZ Project is owned by a Greenlandic company called TANBREEZ Mining Greenland A/S. This company was established in 2010 by its parent Australian based company Rimbal Pty Ltd. In 2001, Rimbal Pty Ltd obtained the licence to explore the Project area and have carried out a number of investigations in the license area. The core management team consists of:

Greg Barnes - Chief Geologist

More than 40 years in the mining industry including (but not limited to) gold, silver, rare earths, iron ore, coal, oil and gas, niobium, pot ash and platinum. This work has included head geologist duties in Australia, Asia, central and eastern Europe, Greenland and eastern Africa.

Rod Watts  

Rod is in charge of physical separation - he is probably the most experienced in this field.

Kuupik Kleist

Mr Kleist recently joined Tanbreez, initially to advise on social and political issues but clearly that will develop with time into more advanced roles.  Kuupik spent about 10 years in the Danish parliament and many years as leader of the opposition until late in 2013. Kuupik is regarded as one of Greenlands most respective statesman.  Before entering politics Mr Kleist was a lecturer in journalism.

Bolette Maqe Nielsen 

Bolette has been on the board of Tanbreez since 2012.  She has worked for about 16 years in the mining industry in accounting and management.  Prior to that she worked in management/bookkeeper type roles for most of the major groups in Greenland, such as the government, airport authority and the large supermarket chain.

Kim Masters and Anna Wingell - Administration Staff

Kim and Anna have been valued members of the GB Barnes Group for many years. They are experienced and valued members of the company staff and have many and varied qualifications including administration, accounting, secretarial, financial and business management.