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The Tanbreez Licence and Geology

The Licence, TANBREEZ, is on the southern edge of the Ilimaussaq intrusion.

The Ilimaussaq intrusion is a unique, large differentiated alkaline intrusion some 17km x 8km in size. Within the Ilimaussaq intrusion occurs a Kakortokite sequence at the base of the complex, it consists of separated layers of feldspar (white), arfvedsonite (black) and eudialyte (red).  There are over twenty-nine such horizons known over the outcropping thickness of approximately 400m.  

The mineral eudialyte contains sodium, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, rare earths and Yttrium. The Kakortokite sequence contains 4.7 billion onnes to sea level, with average grades of approximately:

Zirconim Oxide: 1.8%
Niobium Oxide: 0.2%
Light Rare Earths: 0.5%
Heavy Rare Earths: 0.15%
Tantalum Oxide: 0.02%